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Hello Fellow Hoomans! - xXCrystal_WolfXx - 10-09-2018

Hey There! My name is xXCrystal_WolfXx But you can call me Crystal or Crys for short. Since I am a fairly "New member" to the forums atleast, I decided to finally introduce myself properly, and bring life to the forums.
I am a Female Gamer, but I mostly play Minecraft since it has a huge community, and its easy to understand. One of my favourite things to do on OozeCraft is to just hang out with friends and build on my base. But im mostly active on the skyblock and sometimes the creative realm. I really just hang out and chat with some friends since theres nothing else to do while waiting for your resources to grow
Something about my personal life:

o I live with my parents and my big brother in germany, but my family comes from cech republic
o My birthday is on November 11th, im turning 14 this year
o I come off as "nerdy" In my class with good grades
o I like the color blue
o Im a bookworm
o Im the tallest of my class
o I'd like to get a pet, A dog perferably
o Im a fish in the water *Blub*
o I like to draw my oc's or think of new once
o I have over 108 coloring pencils
o Me iz silleh
o Im weird..
o I like to help anyone who needs help
o Im detailed
o I like to listen to music
o Im learning french, or atleast try to
o Im trilingual (I can speak three launguages.. not counting french)
o I like to doodle on any piece of paper I get
o I like to watch animals
o I play guitar
o I have both long and floofy hair.. like super floofy.. lion floofy
o I like anything spooky / creepy. For my age im very okay with gore, horror, anything like that
o I like to listen to creepypastas, mostly at night
o I like to ride horses when I can, its fun
o Im living far away from almost all of my Minecraft friends

So thats it.. propably.
If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask and im gona respond as soon as possible.
To anyone reading this, have a good day / night!