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      Discuss anything off topic and not related to Minecraft.

    2. Server News & Announcements

      Up to date news and information regarding the server.

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    3. Introduce Yourself

      New around here? Let us know about you.

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    4. Punishment Appeals

      This is a area where you can appeal for any punishment.

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    5. Ban Appeals

      Have you been banned? Post an appeal here.

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    1. Server Suggestions

      Have an idea? Post it here!

    2. Builds & Creations

      Show off your creations.

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About Us

Oozecraft is a family friendly PVE server featuring a large variety of fun plugins and an even larger variety of different types of users! Gameplay is set to hard mode for a stimulating, but enjoyable experience. You are able to protect your creations thanks to the use of anti-grief plugins like GriefPrevention. Oozecraft also features creative plots, mini-games, and weekly dragon events.

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